Meet the Therapy Team

Astra Grayland

Astra Grayland has worked in natural health care for over 15 years as an osteopath. She has studied paediatric healthcare from an osteopathic perspective and She continues to train in bodywork approaches from around the world, and in naturopathic healthcare. She works from home in Stanmer Park and has two children of her own. Her main practice ethos is accessibility: 1-That anyone can be treated regardless of age, health issues or financial standing. 2- That in helping people to understand the path to ill health, they can understand the restoration of optimal health. Astra has over a decade of experience working with children and adults with autism spectrum conditions, and with their families. She believes that these gifted and sensitive individuals are more susceptible to sensory overwhelm and environmental toxins, and that this can prevent them from fulfilling their potential. Using bodywork and lifestyle advice, systemic health can be improved and therefore many of the symptoms ass​ociated with ASC’s, like poor sleep, anxiety, reduced gut function and low immunity can be impacted. For the past 4 years she has run the mASCot health and wellbeing clinic and has introduced many of the mASCot families to a natural healthcare approach.......find out more

Frithe Johnson

Frithe Johnson (pronounced Fritha), is an osteopath and cranial osteopath living in Brighton and mum to a teenage son. Frithe treats both children and adults. She has been running the mASCot parent/carers clinic for some years now and has also been working with Astra treating some of the mASCot kids. Frithe says, "I know, via my experience with my own son, how rewarding raising children with complex needs can be. However, parenting is a tough job, and raising a child with additional or complex needs sometimes comes with times of great stress, which - if carrying long term - makes demands on the body and on general and mental health that can be very debilitating. I'm deeply passionate about supporting people to feel better and be well in themselves so they can be as resourced as they can possibly be to deal with the challenges of life AND to be able to support those that are dependent on them".......find out more

Roberta Young

Roberta Young SDS Hom qualified at South Down School of Homeopathy in 2008. Homeopathy is a very gentle form of medicine that sees the person as a whole and works to restore a balance of physical, emotional and mental health. Homeopathic remedies work with the body’s innate intelligence, stimulating a natural healing response. Roberta’s journey into becoming a practitioner began 20 years ago when her first child was a baby and he started to show eczema. With eczema and asthma running in the family she was determined to find the healing he needed rather than cover up the symptoms with steroid creams. Roberta was amazed to find one treatment of homeopathy completely cleared the eczema. She was intrigued and her passion with homeopathy began. She found constitutional remedies helped her children’s emotional well-being, health and development. As her eldest child had some educational needs, this led her interest in to working with children and young people on the autism spectrum. Roberta treats people with a wide range of symptoms including anxiety, depression, digestive sensitivities and hormonal issues. One aspect of her practice is to clear the effects that environmental toxins can have on some children with higher levels of sensitivity.......find out more

Troy Bradley

Troy Bradley works in the field of biomechanics, functional rehabilitation, osteopathy and functional neurology. In a session with Troy, he looks at how the brain is processing the sensory information it is receiving and how the nature of that processing then impacts on the output for a person e.g. motor skills, balance, proprioception, etc Some areas of the brain might not be receiving and processing the information as well as they could be. This could present for a person, for example, as a dyspraxic type of picture; co-ordination or balance problems; sensory seeking or sensory averse behaviours and, of course, many other issues. Troy then works with a person to understand how they can calm their sensory processing system and how, via specific exercises, new neural pathways can be developed in the brain, improving communication to the areas that need it.......find out more

Adi Howarth

Adi Howarth brings a grounded, intuitive, heart-centred approach to her homeopathy and massage practice. She is a homeopath of 13 years experience and also a Jing trained advanced clinical massage therapist since 2016.

Adi uses cutting edge massage techniques combining the best of Eastern and Western massage to tailor make the most effective treatment for your specific needs. She is qualified in deep tissue, advanced clinical therapeutic, myofascial Release and hot stones massage techniques. Each treatment always makes use of deep tissue, trigger point work, myofascial release and acupressure points.

Massage can be restorative, nourishing and healing. Or treatment can be designed to treat a specific pain condition or recovery from an injury using clinical massage techniques which are very similar to sports massage.......find out more

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