Tara is a mASCot member and following her eldest sons diagnosis of ASD Tara threw herself in to finding out all there was to know about autism and how to help her son. After 6 years of research she wrote her first book with her friend and speech therapist Rhian Grounds. Tara’s mission is to help support and inspire parents of special needs children.

Coming Home to Autism Event

The Coming Home to Autism event  was organised by Tara and was aimed at families whose child had recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) or guardians, carers, teachers or professionals caring for a primary school child who has been recently diagnosed?

This special event was to help raise knowledge, attitudes and to motivate families and professionals in their journey forward.

There were four inspiring guest speakers and healthcare professionals whose words and knowledge helped people

- find their voice and share their story

- feel acknowledged, understood and accepted

- be inspired

- become empowered

- be part of something bigger

Support mASCot

mASCot collaborated with Tara to organise and plan this event. Tara wanted all funds raised from the ticket sales to go to mASCot. This enables us to carry on providing support for our members. We had an amazing team of parents from mASCot who have older children/young adults to come along and sit on each table to answer any questions from our guest. It was an amazing way to interact and make this event more personal to all and to also spread the mASCot word.

Coming Home to Autism

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