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About our Mulitisport sessions


Our multisport sessions are relaxed and based around having fun and building relationships rather than winning/competition, so there is no pressure on the children to join in with any activities that they don't feel comfortable doing. Parents and siblings are welcome to join the fun too.


Wednesday sessions: inside Portslade Sport Centre 4.30-5.30pm 

"I started working with young teens in a youth club setting, 

I really found I had a passion for helping children who had struggled in a school setting, as I had so many troubles at school myself, 

I decided to set up a sports group for home schooled 

children and this has worked really well."

Duncan Smith

"mASCot would like to welcome Jack to the Multisport Team, he will be starting in the new term ."



How much:

£15 for half a term £ 30 for a full term.

Please remember these clubs are for mASCot members only, so if you wish to join mASCot and be part of all we do please visit our Join mASCot page.

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For any more information or to sign up for these sessions email:

[email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to mASCot Multisport Club with Duncan and Jack!

We strive to make our clubs accessible and inclusive for all. 

Duncan and Jack have lots of experience working with children and understand our kids have different abilities, communication styles and that some may need a little more encouragement than others. 

In order for the sessions to run as smoothly as possible, we request that all new participants have a parent/carer support/shadow them through the first few sessions so that Duncan and Jack can get to know them and understand their individual strengths and areas where they may need extra support. Once your child is settled in and understands what the sessions are about and can participate confidently then parents/carers can step back and let them enjoy the session independently. 

By the very nature of these mASCot sessions, we understand that all kids have good days and bad days so some days they will require more parental input than others. This is not a drop off club, a parent/carer is required to be present at all times during the sessions.

Terms and conditions: By signing up to these groups you are agreeing to our mASCot Terms & Conditions:

I agree to use the facilities where the mASCot club is held in a responsible manner.

I agree to the following conditions:

mASCot is not responsible for....

  • the safety of my child during these sessions, as a parents/carers I will be expected to intervene if my child becomes particularly distressed and/or they are engaging in unsafe or disruptive behaviour .
  • loss of or damage to personal belongings
  • myself or my child/children’s behaviour

I accept that, even though l am here as a member of the support group mASCot, I have sole responsibility for my child/children and their actions.

I will be responsible for any loss or damage to any property belonging to venue where the club is held, mASCot or any other person if down to me.

Finally, we love that our club is an opportunity for kids and parents/carers to socialise and support each other, however please be mindful of what you are discussing around the children. If you would like to discuss your child’s struggles/school issues or anything else personal with other parents, please find a quiet space away from the children to do so. We would like to maintain a child centred environment where the kids feel comfortable to just relax and have fun.

Thanks for your continuing support!

 We want the children to get maximum enjoyment out of the sessions, to help with this, if there is anything about your child's needs you would like Duncan to know about before the session then please contact him using the form below.