All you need to know about what's going on in mASCot 

or just valuable information and resources to help you.

Cards, Benefits and Forms

Make sure you sign up

Join or register for everything you are entitled to and could benefit from.

Joining mASCot, Amaze or the Parent and Carers Council will get the support you need and ensure you get your voice heard. Signing up for the Compass and Carers card will get discounts on many activities and venues.

So don't miss out........We will be continually adding links to resources we think you will need to use. Make sure your up to date with everything that will support you.

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Recommended Books & DVDs

Expand The mind

There's a wealth of information out there on Autism and related conditions. We will keep adding books and DVDs that our members recommend so you can Keep your expanding your knowledge on all things ASC 

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mASCot News

Whats going on

There's always something going on at mASCot from fundraisers to meet ups, workshops and walks. We will keep you posted on all things that are mASCot related or Autism related.

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Useful Websites

Linking Up

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start when you need to know more about Autism and having a child with SEND. We will be building up a great database of useful websites to visit which will help you on your journey.

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Glossary of Jargon

A quick access to terminology used

Entering the SEN world is like learning a different language, we've compiled a list of commonly used terms to help you navigate your way around.

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Keep in the know

Here you will find all documents relating to mASCot policies and reports as well as important reports and papers from the Local Authority, Government and other organisations that are relevant to our members.

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Autism Resources

Valuable information to access

There's a wealth of resources, print outs, pictures to access regarding Autism and related conditions. 

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Members Quotes

What our members say about mASCot

I'ts always great to hear what our mASCot members feel about being a member and what mASCot means to them. Have a read of all the wonderful things that have been said about mASCot.

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What is Autism

Discover and Learn

There's so much information out there about Autism and so many sites to navigate, at mASCot we take our information and lead from the National Autistic Society, Click to find out more.

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Celebrate our amazing creative children

Creativity has no rules, no levels and no boundaries.

This is an area to celebrate the amazing talents our children have and to show them off.


Info fairs and stalls

Raising awareness

Being able to go out and about raising awareness of Autism and the support mASCot gives families is one of our favourite things, read more about our info stalls.

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Boards & Panels

Getting our voices heard

Many boards and panels sit every week in Brighton & Hove read more about how mASCot are involved in getting our mASCot voices heard.

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Well Done us

Over the year mASCot has been nominated for many awards by our members and by colleagues. read more about our achievements.

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