Boards & Panels

Boards and Panels where mASCot have a voice

Autism ​


Attending: SPFT – ICB – 

B&H LA – SSV - 

mASCot – PaCC – Amaze - ASSERT

History: Set up to pull together all city wide autism work. Board set up Spring 2022 comprising of Health (ICS/SPFT), LA Education Senior Leads; Parent groups, mASCot, AMAZE, PACC, Assert reps.

Purpose: A main aspect of this group is to write the long awaited Adult Autism Strategy and dove tail it with the Children’s SEND Strategy and work from the ASC working group.



Attending: SPFT – mASCot – PaCC – 


WSPCF - guests

History: New ND Lead,  brought in to standardise diagnostic services (Health) across East, West Sussex and B&H to lead on working with parent groups in service design and updating existing information.

Purpose: To work on all things ND pan Sussex, working on policies, new website and improving communications and how SPFT can become more parent/family friendly and user friendly.

ASC Working 


Attending: mASCot - SPFT – ICB – B&H LA – FISS – BHISS – CAMHS – SSV – Local Councillors - PaCC

History: mASCot requested this group be re-established in our complaint, after a break in meeting up. Reps from Health, Local Authority Education, parent groups, City Councillors sit on this group.

Purpose: A place to discuss any autism issues and ground level problems and to delegate issues across to the relevant autism boards in the city and ensure recommendations are fulfilled.

Neurodevelopmental Pathway Group B&H

Attending: SPFT – ICB – B&H LA – BHISS – CAMHS – 

SSV - mASCot – PaCC - Amaze

History: Resulting from our initial CAMHS complaint and the 2014 B&H Autism Scrutiny B&H set up a review of diagnostic pathway. Reps from all sections of services attend

Purpose: To work collaboratively to design a new diagnostic pathway for Neurodivergent Children & Young People. Ongoing discussions continue services need to look at the child as a whole.

mASCot & PaCC 

Team meetings

Attending: Directors of mASCot - mASCot Rep - PaCC Rep - Chair of PaCC

History: mASCot have always sat on the PaCC Steering Group since PaCC was established in B&H. We have a mASCot PaCC Rep who links up the work happening in both organisations. 

Purpose: These meeting are for mASCot and PaCC to check re actions, views and planning for all things parent led in the city. These meeting are used to discuss how we can support each other and our members.

Support For Families Team Meetings

Attending: BHISS - SSV – 

FISS - mASCot – 

PaCC - Amaze

History: BHISS & SSV specialist nurse teams met regularly to share information on what support is provided to families, mASCot were invited to share updates on mASCot support.

Purpose: All services attending inform and update each other in what all services and sectors are doing to support families. Discussions on what is needed and how we can provide these provisions.


City Council

Attending: Local Councillors - Local Services - CVS - Parent reps

History: There are many council meetings but the main children's & Young people and health boards & panels involve the issues discussed in mASCots  work.

Purpose: All things children & families are discussed at these meetings. We have invited Local Councillors to sit on the ASC Working group so they can be better informed when issues come to Council.

The mASCot 

Action Group

Attending: mASCot Directors - Active members - guest attendees - 

History: We started this group in 2020 to bring together a realy active group of mASCot members to help build a stronger voice.

We are conscious that we need more than just the Directors voices at meetings.

Purpose: This group is to pull together all issues and concerns discussed in the forum and bring them to the table, to productively work to improve services as well as resolve the issues in the mASCot CAMHS Complaint.